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It is one of the leader companies in Kyrgyz Republic of Issyk-Kul region. Most tourists are applying to us, wishing to see the great tops, the famous ice lake Merzbaher , which has arctic landscape. One time in a year the lake are burst, sea level in the Inylchek River raise for 2-3 m. Please, hurry to see it by yourself!
     Our company offers own service for tourists and mountaineerings:
  • Trackings
  • Mountaineering
  • Horse tour
  • Ski tour
  • Excursion
  • Hotel in base camp
  • Hotel in Karakol

  • General director Gribkov Aleksandr

    General director Gribkov Aleksandr
    Well glad to accept guests with children, which can stay in the camp under watching during your absence. Having 15 horses, Tour Khan-Tengri offers to get skills of horsing as for children and for adults. You may take hiking, walks on the horses enjoying by wild nature for acclimatization in the camp before climbing to the top. Here a lot of different flora and fauna. We can also arrange for you geologic tour and photo tour.
         Our guides may arrange follow:
  • Excursions on the glacier Inylchek.
  • Ski tour or horse and other tracks.
  • Climbing to the tops.
  • Interpreter
  • Transport
  • Porter
  • Cook

  • Manager of company Streltsova Tatyana

    Manager of company Streltsova Tatyana
         The Base Camp At-Jailoo has set of services, which is nessesery for our clients for living:
  • Two comfortable houses;
  • Four (large) yurts and camp town;
  • Kitchen, dining room and small farm for food and ecologically clear products (fresh milk, eggs and meat);
  • Hot and cold water electric power, warm lavatory, shower, sauna from wood with basin;
  • Radio connection with the capital Bishkek and center region Karakol.

  •      Visa Support.
    Tour Khan-Tengri supplies arrived clients with all necessary documents for coming to zone; permits for the climbing to the mountain top services of renting mountains equipment for mountaineerings.

    The company promotes the road of guests from the airport Bishkek city to Base Camp At-Jailoo. The way time about 11-12 hours. In the Karakol town youll have room in the Guest house with all convinces. For transportation are used different cars by your proposal. On our site you can find more interesting info, map-scheme of location At-Jailoo and the service cost (price) of company on 2003.
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    Kyrgyz Republic, zip code 722360, Karakol city, Kasym Kadyrov str. 55,
    Ltd Tour Khan-Tengri
    Tel/Fax: (996) 3922 2-72-69
    Tel:        (996) 3922 2-65-59
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