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   Five countries:
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are situated on the territory of Central Asia. This was the land of great states of Bactria and Khorezm, Sogd and Parthia. The Great Silk Road from China to Central Asia came through these territories. Majestic cities with beautiful palaces, mosques, minarets and medressas are there. Medieval monuments of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva. Shakhrisabz, Merv, Pendjikent, Turkestan, Sairam, Taraz, Shimkent, Osh are well-know all over the world. Associated with historic giants like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, it is now a jigsaw of newly independent republic - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. This is where the untold heroes of the "Great Game" played their lonely and dangerous maneuvers on behalf of Colonial Britain and Tsarist Russia. Here, sweeping from the untamed snow-capped peals of the Tien Shan Mountains to the deserts of the Kara-Kum, is one of the fascinating regions in the world. The unique nature of Central Asia is unique in its beauty, numerous historical monuments and traditional hospitality of local people.    Kazakhstan
Borders with Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and China its vast land spread from the Caspian Sea to China and from Siberia to Tien-Shan ridge. Here one can find all climatic zones. This is a land filled with interminable steppes, deserted areas and inaccessible ranges of Snow capped Mountains emitting crystal clear water coming down and feeding the fruitful lands.
Alamty Mosque - the biggest in Central Asia it can accommodate up to 10 thousand believers.
Cathedral - surrounded by green Panfilov Park, this is unique wooden construction and one of the few buildings survived 1911 earthquake.
Museum of Kazakh musical instruments - it exhibits all kinds of local musical instruments some of them belonged to famous Kazakh singers, poets and composers.
Central State Museum - one can see country's priceless archeological treasures including exclusive "Gold Man" found in Issuk-Kul Burial Mound it is on display in the Museum of Gold.
Baykonur Cosmodrome - is a historical for whole planet place. On October 4, 1957 first rocket lunched there and it brought first artificial Sputnik in the orbit of Earth. On April 12, 1961 first astronaut - Yuri Gagarin made his first flight around the Earth.
Medeo - it is a picturesque gorge 15km from Almaty where the world's largest skating stadium is located. One of the best ski resorts in Central Asia Chimbilak also sited is in the same gorge.
Big Almaty Lake and Kolsai Lakes - it is close to Alamty at the elevation of 2500 m beautiful mountain lakes.
Allyn Emel National park - situated in southeast of Kazakhstan; it has numerous Iron Age Besshatur Saka Burial Mounds and Singing Sands.
Aksu-Dzhabagly Preserve - this is the only preserve that received the status of a UNESCO biosphere it has 1,200 species of plants, 42 kind of animals and 238 kinds of birds.
Charyn Canyon - 200 km length up to 300 m height the red clay walls carved with deep fissures, forming caves, grottos and niches of different shapes and sizes.
This city was well-known for 1500 years, thanks famous poet called Khazret-Sultan. In late XIV Turkestan acquired a unique construction - huge complex of premises around the Mausolem of Khodzha Akhmed, build by the Great Timur. In Muslem World this mausoleum considered to be the second Mecca.
Babadzha - Khatun Mausoleum - is famous for its 16-rib umbrella shaped dome.
Aisha-Bibi Mausoleum - the only monument in whole Central Asia faced completely with fretted terracotta.
Arystababa Kumbez - is constructed above the Arystanbaba tomb, who was famous religious mystic and a teacher of Khodzha Akhmed Yassawi.
Isfidjab - called a first class military fortress that many time faced the enemy. There are only the ruins of walls, bastions, minaret and Karashash-ana mausoleum.
It is another city along the Great Silk Road located at a crossroads of caravan routes. This was a centre of crafts and trade where great medieval philosopher Al-Faradi was born.

Turkmenistan shares border with Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Afghanistan and Iran. One of the world greatest deserts it covered 80 percent of state territory. This is motherland of many ancient civilizations such as Margina, Parthian, Midia and cities Nissa, Merv, Margush etc.
Nomad village Erbent Oasis - it preserved many of the traditional nomadic customs and handicraft.
Nokhur - is a unique region of outstanding carpentry and unusual stone-houses, one can experience extraordinary hospitality.
Karakala Nature Reserve - this is the only place where Turkmen Snow leopards inhabiting in the ridges. Several trekking and climbing trips is possible to organize.
   Mary region
Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjat and the Gyz-Gala fortress are one of the grandest monuments of Islamic Architecture, Merv is the most recognized heritage site. It will impress you with 2000 hectares of 5 different city-cites and numerous monuments and shrines from Muslim period. This city included into UN list of Heritage.
Gonur Depe- main site of Zoroastrian Margush is the centre of great 4 thousand years old fire-worshipping civilization famous for it's seals and unusual burial practices.
Kugitan Nature Reserve - located in the southeast of Turkmenistan was created to protect the largest remaining Ibex population and large number of Urials. Now far from this reserve, there is also, well know for it's dinosaur plateau with 438 well preserve fossil of dinosaur footprints.
   Dashogus region
Kunya Urgench, once was the capital of the Khorezm Empire with the Cultuk Timur, the tallest minaret in Central Asia and Turabek Kahnum's Mausoleum. Less known Izmukshir is the ancient city of Zamkshar with most picturesque fortress ruins.
   Balkan region
Dekhistan - located close to the Caspian Sea is the remains of ancient cities and Misirian and Turkmenistan's earliest Islamic Mosque.
   Kaakha region
Meane Baba and Nedir Shak Kaakhka - is the area very rich in ancient monuments.
Meane Baba Mausoleum, the monument of the XI-th century Sufi teacher. Nedir Shakh's fortress is one of the best remaining ruins in Turkmenistan.
Dalma Oasis - one of the oasis's in Central Karakum desert, one can witness simple nomadic ways beyond any civilization.
The capital of Turkmenistan it has lot of parks museums and original architectural structures.
The Museum of History - gathered unique exhibits of its rich history and culture.
Carpet museum - exhibited numerous carpets and decoration made of wool.
Sunday market - the biggest market in Turkmenistan where one can almost buy everything.

Mosques and madrasas, markets and minarets and the old covered bazaars where traders still offer their wares is a tradition little changes in 2000 years. Uzbekistan is the country of richest history and motherland of ancient civilizations. The powerful states such as Baktria, Sogdiana and Parfia were blossomed and passed away. There was a centre of Tamerline Empire. Numerous caravans from/to China passed along the Great Silk Road. The nature of Uzbekistan is rich and diverse. Kizilkum is the biggest Asian desert is located near Tien-Shan and Pamir ranges with thousand streams coming down from mountain and making a largest rives in Asia, such as Amu Darya and Sir Darya. The lifeless steppes and deserts have been transferred to oases of cotton and figs. Uzbekistan borders with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan
It was well known even in Middle Ages as a centre of agriculture and craftsmen was conquered by Chingizkhan and Tamerlan, and for a long time was under power of Kokand Khanstva. At the end of 19th century re-conquered by Russia, and since 1930 it is the capital of Uzbekistan. After a disastrous earthquake in 1966, is was re-build, nowadays it is the city of modern buildings neighbor medieval monuments.
The old City - one can see famous madrassas Kukeldash and Barakhona Madrassa, Kafal-al-Shai mausoleum and shop in the old city market.
The Square of People's Friendship - huge concert hall with unique parliament building and a park with artificial lake.
Museum of Applied Arts - where you can see more than 4 thousands artifacts and exhibits (made of ceramics, silver, gold, silk) of best craftsmen from all over Uzbekistan are exhibited.
One of the most ancient cities of the world it was known capital of Sogdiana under the name of Marakanda even by the middle of 1000 B.C. It was the trade centre on the Great Silk Road.
The fabled city Samarkand - the turquoise-spangled capital built by Tamerlan and completed by his grand son Ulug Bek. No city is so evocate of the Silk Road as "golden" Samarkand.
Shih-in-Zinda Nekroplol - finely decorated with glazed bricks mosques and madreassas around the mythical burial of the cousin of the prophet Muhhamed Khusein Ibn Abbas.
Gur-Emir Mausoleum - ("tomb of king") decorated with blue and gold paint mausoleum was built for Tamerlan grandson Mukhaammad-sultan, but later became the burial-vault of the male half of Timerids caln, where lie scattered ashes of Tamerlan and Ulugbek.
Registan Square - the masterpiece of medieval architecture consisting of three madrassas: Sher-Dor, Tillya-Kori and Ulugbek.
Bibi-Khanum mosque - was built by Tamerlan, this is suppose to be the best of all known monuments of the East.
One of the most holy city of old Silk Road, situated in one of oases of Kizilkum desert with first written references relate to 3rd century B.C. Ones it was the centre of powerful Samanid state. The famous doctor-philosopher Avicenna spent his childhood here, as well as poet Rudaki and Firdousi. In the Middle Ages Bukhara became one of the religious centres of Asia when numerous mosques and madrassah were constructed. The city has a long and rich history which will come to life as you wander the old town and covered bazaar.
Ark Fortress (VI) - it is the most ancient fortress with mint and jeweler workshop, prison, warehouse, small mosque and harem inside.
Samanid Mausoleum - first monument is Uzbekistan built from burn bricks, this is family burial-vault of the Bukharian governors.
Poi-Kalyan Complex - 69 m high minaret Kalyan is the highest building in the Islamic world.
Chor-minor - is the original structure, a small mosque with four minarets.
Sitora-i-Mohihosa - this is true masterpiece of Bukhara's craftsmen, summer country residence of the Emir of Bukhara, the richest of interiors, where fret-work and wood carvings, as well as alabaster and marble were used.
   The Khorezm region
Ii is a native land of ancient civilization. 300 km long system (dating of 10th century B.C.) of irrigational canals were discovered by archeological excavation. Khorezm believed to be the native land of Zoroastrizm. This is the place where great scientists as Al-Khorezmi and Beruni lived and worked and first Academy of Sciences in the East was founded.
Khiva is living museum. Founded on trade and slavery the last Khan ruled here until early this century, the intact wlled city has changed little since his rule. Special to Khiva is the art of wood-carving; this city is also famous for its carpets and jewelry too.
Kunya-Ark - a former official residence of Khivian khans.
Djuma-mosque - it has remarkable 50m length and delicate entrance door design with two hundred and twelve carved wooden columns supports for ceiling.
Tash-Khauli Palace - this is the palace of Khivian khans.
Pahlavan-Mahmuda Mausoleum covered with magnificent tiles turquoise dome in Icham-Kala crowns a mausoleum above a Pahlavon-Mahmuda's tomb. He was a poet, a warrior and national hero.
Minaret Kalta-Minor - this is the only minaret covered with glazed bricks and majolica used to be the largest minaret in Central Asia (diameter at the bottom - 14 m).
Islam-Khoja Mainret - is the symbol of Khiva with the shapes that ascends to 15th centuries.
   Fergana Valley
It is known, that five thousands years ago agriculture was already advanced there: pomegranates, ginger, grapes, walnuts and cotton were introduced by Chinese only in II B.C. Fergana valley was famous for its "celestial horses". Famous medieval astronomer Akhmad Al Fergani was born here.
Once an ancient Islamic centre of over 500 mosques, the city is famed for its Khudoyarkhan's palace with a local museum Norbuta-Bia madrassa and Modarikon mausoleum.
It was known since the 10th century by its silk industry, even today the only factory in whole Central Asia which produced silk fabric by hand. Kaftarlik complex with a mosque, minaret and portal-dome mausoleum can be seen there.
Timur Taragai Tamerlan was born in the village near this city. This city combined the modern and ancient, industry and crafts preserved in the monuments, dwellings and in architecture.
Ak-Sarai Palace - with only two pylons of the entrance arch and a small fragment of wall to survive, still they impress with the volume and height of the building.
The cave of Tamerlan is a fabulous natural and historical object.

adjoins Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan on West and North and borders on China and Afghanistan in East and South. Mountains occupy 93% of the territory and more than half of the country is located at an altitude more than 3000 meters. Tajik architecture is an exotic blend of Europe and Asia, ancient and modern with a marked Russian influence. The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe.
The remnants of an 18 century fortress occupied until 1924 by Ibrahim Beg, the local henchman of the Emir of Bukhara is 30 km west from Dushanbe. Beside the fortress are two medressas, one dating from the 18th century and the other 19th,and beyond them is the mausoleum of a 16th century.
The capital of northern Tajikistan and the second largest city in the country. It was founded by Alexander the Great more than 2300 years ago.
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