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   Base camp
If you stay in our camp, not only will you get to know the natural beauty of the Tyan-Shan Mountains and the national Kyrgyz culture, but also your soul and body will be enriched. Crystal clear air, hearty meals and pure drinking water, hiking, trekking, horseback riding and our effort to serve well will strengthen your hearth and lift your spirits. The At-Jayloo Camp serves a curious nature lover, hardened mountaineer travelers, trekkers, tourists and horseback riders of any age. Summers are the most beautiful, while shoulder season trips offer unparalleled sense of solitude and unshared beauty. Many of our visitors like trekking, on foot or horseback: the camp is an ideal starting point for one day hikes to 10 days treks across the 4000 meter passes of the Tyan-Shan. A very popular albeit strenuous trek takes our visitors to the glacial Merzbacher lake. This is a very unique lake situated within the Inylchek glacier and staying unfrozen due to thermal springs. Every summer, in course of a day, the lake empties when the ice dam yields. Most of the water drains through plumbing in the glacier only to emerge tens of kilometers lower at the heel of the glacier, not far from our camp. Here a tall water fountain rises to 20 meters in a captivating show of natures prowess. Assistance with visas and other documents and transpiration from the nearest airport to the At-Jayloo camp a given for you guests. We want to remain as flexible as possible to satisfy you please dont hesitate to contact us with questions or wishes. We are delighted to help you with individual programs. Children are especially welcome in the camp.
     The At-Jayloo Camp is:
  • Five wooden buildings for guests
  • Three yurtas (large nomadic felt tents) and tent sites
  • Kitchen and a mess tent
  • Hot showers, clean toilets, a sauna
  • Fresh food from own natural sources (a mini-farm)
  • Horses for riding, packing or load transportation
  • Radio connection to the capital city of Bishkek
  • Sauna Wooden buildings for guests (inside) Wooden buildings for guests (inside)
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